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Welcome To Eklavya School

Keeping the child at the helm, the parent-school-teacher triangle works towards first discovering a child's abilities, and then honing them. We believe in making learning a favourite sport for the students. The children here are prepared to learn almost everything, whether in their syllabi or otherwise. That is how Eklavyans make their identity speak for itself.

"They stand apart as a sharper and smarter student community."

Our Vision

To give the best quality education to our children with the help of latest technology, teaching aids and teaching methods, making education more interesting and interactive, with a specific focus on co-curricular activities and lifelong learning.

Our Mission

At Eklavya we look at education as an inviting and exciting journey into the world of intellectual, emotional and spiritual learning. We believe in educating our children as opposed to just schooling them. We understand that children need to explore, observe, have fun and be empowered to discover new worlds of learning.




  • Parents of Armaan Jassme Class 3rd

    My name is Indrejit Jassme and my wife name is Manjinder Kaur Jassme. Five years back, we both searched for a good school in Jaladnhar, to get our child admitted. We met the staff and Principals of various schools. But we didn't get satisfied meeting them. We were not able to find any school suitable for our child to get proper nurture and education.
    One day, one of my friends (who has his own school), is from U.P. told me the system of education of different schools. He advised me to get your son admitted to Eklavya School. And today we are very happy for his suggestion and our decision.
    Positive points of Eklavya School:
    1. The staff of this school is highly educated.
    2. The parents can know about their child anytime. The staff is always ready to inform anything about the child.
    3. The relations of parents, children and educators are like a family.
    4. The activities which are done in the school play a vital role in the physical and mental level of a child.
    5. The school has good and pure environment.
    6. Students are being assessed time to time which helps to sharpen the children's brain.

  • Jaspreet Walia: My views about Eklavya

    Dear Mam,

    The following are my views about EKLavya:

    Eklavya is whatever we wanted for our child. The school staff is warm and welcoming and gives each child the well deserved personal attention. The talents of the students are honed to perfection and given as much practice till they acquire remarkable amount of proficiency in all spheres of life. The student exchange programmes,the innovative teaching methods, interesting activities, ample competitions are just other plus points of this marvelous institution. Life skills and values are inbred in children from the very beginning. I am very satisfied with what I have experienced here so far.

    With Best Regards,


  • Parents Of Class 7th Student Shivang Madaan

    Dear Principal,

    I am glad to tell you that it is a immense pleasure in sending my child to your school. This is because apart from the excellent academics the students of your school are getting groomed by extracurricular activities, daily sports and regular monthly competitions. These competitions are exposing their hidden talents and hence making them more confident. The introduction of 'Diploma in multimedia and animation' for the students along with the regular studies has taken them a step forward.

    The IPEMs are exclusive in your school which lets us discuss our problems regarding our kids with the class teacher individually and vice-verca. And also the students are always free to talk to their class teachers and principal at any time which helps them sorting out their problems without delay. I also appreciate your idea of Home visit by class teacher once in a year.

    The concept of 'Mentoring' introduced recently in the school has also helped the students to open up with their problems and obviously they are now concentrating more on their studies as they know their problems are taken care of.


    Meenakshi Madaan.
    P/o Shivang Madaan
    Class 7.

Principal's Desk

Every year we have no doubt that our students throw themselves into their education, they make the most of the canvas of opportunity that they are offered and they paint the goals that they aspire to.


Eklavya Virtual Tour

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